Why RCS?

Here are three topline reasons you should be with RCS:

You not only get the big picture, we help you expand the frame.

RCS is strategic by nature. We proactively develop integrated, comprehensive concepts and programs with measurable ROI. We also love to scout out compatible partners and shape opportunities that you may not have the bandwidth to identify or develop yourself.

You get a partner committed to understanding your business in-depth.

We prefer to meet and work with you face to face, and we’re happy to invest the time and energy required to create a real-time forum for trading ideas and insights. Having staff members fluent in English, Japanese, Korean, Bahasa Indonesian and French makes these interactions much smoother. That’s how RCS has cultivated hundreds of vendors and partners in the U.S., Asia and Europe—and we’ve got the contracts, solid relationships, and frequent flyer miles to prove it.

You profit from our native grasp of customer values, preferences, interests and desires.

We tirelessly research print and online sources and invest in onsite research to enhance our market knowledge. Before we select the merchants for an inbound or outbound shopping guide for Hong Kong, Paris or Tokyo, for example, we first scour guidebooks, magazines, websites and blogs for likely candidates. Once we identify a prospect, we pay a visit and then rate the merchant according to more than a dozen criteria related to what appeals most to Japanese customers.

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